Testimonials from Clients

Jess has been training and speaking for years. Along the way she has managed to receive hundreds of testimonials from so many of her clients and attendees of the seminars or events she has appeared at. So we don't end up writing a complete book, listed below are a few. And we are always switching these up, and looking for more!

  • Lacy Martinez, LMFT
    Executive Director at Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health

Jessica uses humor to bridge the gap between folks of very different backgrounds and values. She makes those 'difficult conversations' between people not just possible, but positive and connecting, while remaining real. She has a rare gift, and her timing in this world is no accident - we all need more of this.

  • Beth Ziesenis
    Author, Speaker

Jess is not your average keynote speaker. She's a funny, poignant, engaging and thoughtful thought leader that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. I've been personally touched by her message, and I've seen the warm thanks from other audience members after her presentations. Highly recommended.

  • Michael Shutt
    Senior Director for Community at Emory University

Jessica is by far one of the most engaging speakers I have worked with during my professional career at the University of Georgia and Emory University. Her commitment to justice and collaboration take her across the country to work with individuals and organizations, placing her at the forefront of the latest issues and trends. This work informs so much of what she does in her trainings, programs and keynotes. Jessica combines this knowledge with her dynamic style to engage students, faculty and staff in difficult dialogs. She truly has a remarkable gift in this sense.

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  • Sally Spencer-Thomas
    Psychologist and International Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Expert

Jess is an inspiring speaker who touches all with her message of social justice. She uses humor to comfort and honesty to move people along in examining biases. I am so honored to know her - she is doing such important work!

  • Kate (Schulz) Poppe
    Chief Operating Officer at I AM THAT GIRL

Jess has spoken for the National Conference on Student Leadership and the Certified Student Leader Program. She has a great personality and is very passionate about educating others. Jess has a high level of knowledge for the topics she speaks on, but she also tailors her message to fit the audiences' level of awareness. Overall a wonderful speaker and a pleasure to work with!

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  • Thomas E Walker
    Improving Intergroup Relations Practitioner

Jessica engages students in a variety of settings with an honesty, a currency and an energy that I have rarely seen matched among professional speaker/trainer/facilitators. She uses real, meaningful and current examples to connect with participants, and to really push them to think deeply and act differently. She's more than a "campus speaker;" she's dynamic, memorable and her impact lasts well beyond her "talk."

  • Dustin Cox
    Business Intelligence Program Manager at Microsoft

Jess is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated social justice activists in America today. She is focused, driven, competent, and always professional.

  • Tommy Bruce
    Full Stop Management

There are so many incredible things that I could say about Jess Pettitt and her numerous talents. I can say without a doubt in my mind that I have never in my life met someone so talented and inspiring as Jess.

I had the privilege to work in the same division of Student Affairs at The University of Arizona as Jess. In her short time with us not only did she have a unique and special personality that touched the lives of all those who got the chance to work with her, but she also created something out of nothing in terms of the Social Justice Leadership Center. A center that before her arrival was simply a title turned into a fully functional center that oozed passion for Social Justice throughout our campus. There was programming, training, hanging out and simply a completely new feeling for the center that Jess essentially created from thin air.

I feel honored to be able to say that I had the opportunity to work with Jess and I know that everyone else that worked with Jess was turned into a 'Social Justice Believer' after mere minutes hearing her talk.

She truly is a dedicated and wonderful person! The only bad thing I can say about her is that I am bummed she is no longer with us at The University of Arizona!

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  • Keith Humphrey
    Vice President for Student Affairs at California Polytechnic State University

Jessica is a speaker that will challenge students and institutions to think outside of the box. Her approach will begin the change process on your campus in a non-threatening and humorous way.

  • Marie Segares, MPH, MBA
    Assistant Professor, Digital Content Creator, Crochet/Knitting Designer, Change Manager

When I was a health educator at New York University, I had the great pleasure of participating in one of Jessica's trainings. After that experience, I brought her in several times to facilitate trainings related to LGBT awareness and diversity themes for a training program I led for sexual health peer educators. I was consistently impressed with how prepared and comfortable she always was with the audience. Similarly, as a speaker and facilitator she is very creative and flexible, and responds well to the audience dynamics while keeping on topic. She is able to deal with diverse students in a way that is respectful but also challenges them to broaden their experience. I have since left the field of higher education, but have recommended Jessica to others seeking diversity training.

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