Social Justice Workshop Bundle

“You don’t have to steal this – I am giving it away!”

I say this at the start of almost every workshop because my audience doesn’t allow themselves space to participate.  Typically, audience members are taking notes on the activity instead of doing the activities.  The thought is that they can then replicate the program and their students can learn from it.  This is GREAT, but who is teaching them?

I developed verbatim facilitation guides so that an audience member can fully participate in the moment.  They can then take the guide and offer the program again.  Let’s be honest, I stole these activities myself.

Now we have the chance to share, and keep conversations going long after I have left.

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Social Justice Workshop Bundle

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Want some new tools for your facilitation tool box? This bundle includes transcripts of four highly interactive workshops I facilitate with all different kinds of audiences with a wide variety of knowledge levels. Give these tried and tested tools a whirl.

  • Just Rescue – Gets to our underlying humanity – the commonality of judgments and assumptions (MOST POPULAR PROGRAM!)
  • Social Justice: When Diversity Isn’t Enough – Expecting something different out of the same behaviors isn’t going to work – we gotta see things differently
  • Zoom! – Group dynamics at their best – our own agenda is connected to a larger story and we don’t always have the answers
  • Messages I Learned – What are you bringing to the table from your past? This is the self-awareness necessary to be an Ally

All profits from this bundle will go into a fund for students, staff, and faculty, who don’t have funding to travel, eat, stay, or attend professional development conferences. If you or someone you know is interested in funding, contact me directly at
“I really enjoyed the overarching message behind the Zoom activity we did during our retreat. We are so consumed with details and creating categories for things that we tend to miss the larger picture in the process. The Zoom activity sort of pointed out how we lose quite a bit of important information when we obsess over minor details and teaches us that it is okay to take a couple steps back some times. I think that the activity also sheds light on how we try to isolate ourselves when we are searching for the meaning or purpose of something instead of working together and sharing similarities or trends. I will try to keep this simple activity in mind when working with groups for now on and also will hopefully be able to implement this activity within my lesson plan as a teacher in the near future. Thank you for your time and your wonderful insights, I hope we will be able to have the pleasure of having you come back to the YES house.” –Eric Bonifacio Nunez, LEAP Director

May I make a suggestion?  Every product I have developed is a tool to keep conversations stirring.  Why not try out the Icebreaker cards or the four course DVD set that qualifies for 6 HRCI CEU credits?  I am confident between the LGBT Workshop Bundle, Icebreaker Cards and the Even Better Diversity Training, you can engage and stir up good productive conversations.  While you are at it, why not introduce me to your colleagues and friends?

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