Full and Half Day Seminars

These programs can be tailored to your specific objectives and campus needs. Interactive workshops, debriefing discussions, individual reflection periods, humorous real life examples, action planning steps, and inspirational stories can be threaded together to create a personalized half day, full day, or combination of seminars incorporating large group work, break out sessions, reading materials, case studies, and actual next steps.

Facing Trans: Inclusion, Advocacy, and Empowerment

As we become comfortable with the Lesbian and Gay plight on our college campuses and in the workplace, we continue to overlook Bisexuals and silence Transgender populations. Trans folks are courageously coming forward and identifying as such more and more often. This day-long training is designed to help college human resource administrators strategically plan to provide a safe and supportive climate for all and to prepare participants to become better advocates for the trans community. Be a leader by identifying the needs, (including invisible populations), advocating effectively for trans people, and empowering all community members to take action.

Currently fewer than 100 colleges and universities and even fewer Fortune 500 companies protect transgender students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors in their non-discrimination policies, yet more and more people are coming forward with trans or gender variant identities that directly challenge existing policies, procedures, and services. This in-depth interactive training aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the existence of the trans/gender variant populations
  • Transfer this knowledge to proactively identify campus actions steps
  • Create more higher education administrator advocates for trans needs
  • Elevate home campus as a leader in serving trans populations

As a participant in this training, individuals will benefit from:

  • Professional Development and on-going education about diverse populations on campus
  • Hands on resources to take back to campus to be more inclusive for trans/gender variant students, faculty, and staff, alumni, and other community members
  • Personal education and training to raise awareness of trans issues
  • Safe space to asks questions, check assumptions, and learn about this invisible population
  • Participants can be added to a growing Trans Advocacy listserv for on-going support as issues arise on campus

Social Justice Core Competencies

As words like diversity, multiculturalism, acceptance, and tolerance fade in popularity, it is imperative that one's social justice skills are sharp. Current social justice advocates can learn tricks of the trade to improve their own work. Folks just starting out or still asking questions can use this space to recognize where they are coming from and how to be a social justice advocate.

This in-depth, day-long, interactive training aims to provide participants space for self reflection and practice to use “self as instrument” and to help participants:

  • Understand privilege or power distribution in the U.S.
  • Recognize dominant/subordinate dynamics
  • Improve tracking skills and dealing with personal triggers
  • Identify intersecting and invisible identities
  • Develop action steps for each stage of identity formation

As a participant in this training, you will benefit from:

    • Helping self and others track and recover from being triggered
    • Creating measurable goals and action plans to be change agents and social justice advocates
  • Taking what you have learned back home as a trained trainer page