WARNING: This isn't your typical diversity speaker!

Utilizing tough subjects to make better connections
– better teams – better decisions.

Are you ready to make lasting change with the resources, talent, and skills you already have?


Good Enough Now is grounded in humility

In a sea of mixed messages, we find out self lost between impossible expectations, frustrating people, and little room for creativity and humility – we need to hold space for reclaiming self responsibility, trying, connecting, so we can do the best we can with what we have some of the time instead of striving for perfection or just opting out under pressure.

Next Steps?


Combining 20+ years of stand up comedy and diversity education, Jess gets audiences laughing, reflecting, learning, and implementing.

Have Conversations That Matter

Audiences are inspired to stand up and take action as Jessica Pettitt leads them down the path to understanding they are good enough to make the changes they seek. Challenging long held assumptions about the type of people who drive change and are successful, Jessica eradicates excuses and provides strategies to communicate openly and actively seek success.

Let's roll up our sleeves, make space for real talk, develop reality based plans, for actual change.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Weaving Stand Up Comedy, Current Events, and 20+ years experience, Jess can captivate any sized audience and rev them up with her energy or tie everything together and send participants off focused and prepared.

  • Event Emcee / Host

    Working closely with the event team, Jess pulls the event theme throughout each aspect of a program using current humor and adult learning theory while keeping the focus and attention of the speakers, members, and award winners.

  • Training and Education

    Jess can reduce learning down into bite size topics and offer them up in highly interactive breakout sessions, workshops for education credits,, half day training’s, and full or multi-day retreats.

  • Board Development, Consulting & Retreats

    Real work requires an outside perceptive, space away, and time together. Virtually or in person, we can spend real time with your own problems and patterns and develop specific solutions for you, your team, and your circumstances.

  • Writing and Editing

    Sometimes you don’t have the time for in person collaborations and we just need to email back and forth and get policies, procedures, by laws, and governing documents reviewed, updated, and in alignment with a current initiative, mission, or vision.

  • Books, DVDs, Courses, Trainings, Facilitation Guides, & Resources

    With products ranging from free downloads to personal reflection journals or resources you can utilize in your staff meetings, Jess offers tools she created because she could find anything out there that worked.

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Real feedback from her customers

Jess is a great presenter. I think Jess was amazing! She brought humor to things that are difficult to talk about. Breaking down the "us / them" barrier. I would recommend this training for just about anyone!


Today's training was really amazing! Jess is incredibly dynamic, funny, she's engaging. She keeps your attention, and really makes you think. I would recommend her training!


Jess's Latest Book

Good Enough Now!

Sitting around pointing fingers and waiting for change to appear on the horizon—has it ever worked for you? Do you feel imbalance between who you are and who you think you should be?  Do you see fulfillment, better relationships, and stronger teamwork as something to work for, but not possible now?

In her breakthrough message, author and speaker Jessica Pettitt reveals the truth about how we can be the best versions of ourselves now! By being our authentic selves, we can immediately improve our companies, relationships, and communities.

Good Enough Now is an innovative and practical guide to ridding yourself of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and habitual excuses.

Read this revolutionary book and discover that you already have what is necessary to begin shifting the paradigm!


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