Writing and Editing

If you are looking for someone to help you take your writing to the next level, reach out to me!

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A good coach helps writers reach the top of their game by teaching them how to perfect their performance.  If your documents, apps, books, newsletters, or websites need that extra touch, contact me. Let’s see if I can help keep your tone and style, catch little punctuation and capitalization glitches...  sometimes followed by “light” comments on layout and formatting.

I offer a combination of writing, editing and coaching, geared toward a client’s particular needs.  I offer basic copy-editing and manuscript consultation, but most writers hire me to assist them with the complex tasks of planning, writing, and publishing their work.


Let's Knock This Project Out of the Park!


My skill as a speaker, presenter, a comedian, coach and mentor will bring out the best attributes in your work.  I offer positive and constructive solutions and feedback.

I also offer clients a “team writing” approach, which is a joint brainstorming and writing session.  My broad background — editing, writing, teaching, academia, public relations and public speaking — makes me well-suited to help writers in many areas.