Event Emcee / Host

Your Event, How You Want It by an Expert Emcee

As a Event Host or Master of Ceremonies, Jessica Pettitt knows how to pull off a outstanding event that will engage your audience. With years of experience in front of live audiences, TV cameras and microphones, Jess is able to adjust to any conditions on the fly. Jess can adapt her style to any event format, audience and feel while delivering your message with precision and passion.


Jess prepares vigorously, reviewing keynotes / speeches of all main stage speakers with event organizers beforehand, but remains largely unscripted, to be able to roll with the program on-the-fly if need be. Her most remarkable value is her improvisational capability both creating and adjusting to any environment while keeping people engaged and entertained.

Jess is also an expert host of awards ceremonies and dinners ensuring the attendees have a good time and novice speakers are taken under my wing.

Each event is planned just for you. For every event you will have no worries, as Jess includes as required the following key areas:

  • Working with you for up to 3 month pre-event on planning to agree objectives
  • Pre-event liaison with all speakers
  • Arrival well before an event and stay after as required
  • Technical rehearsals
  • Re-confirmation of all arrangements with organiser and speaker
  • Pre event Presentation skills workshop as required
  • Attention to detail with time-keeping
  • Injecting humor to the event where appropriate
  • Jess can fill in for the late cancellation of a speaker 10 – 45 Min Keynotes to suit
  • At the end, Jess will summarize and conclude the whole event leaving all the participants kind of tied together with what they learned and looking forward to next year.