Board Development, Consulting & Retreats

Social sector organizations care about excellence in board and staff leadership. Jess is dedicated to supporting nonprofits, companies and organizations as they work to build and strengthen and advance its mission.

Consulting Services

Today’s world demands more from your board: Uniquely skilled directors or board members. A diverse, global perspective. Sophisticated strategic acumen. Uncompromising integrity. Independence. Transparency. Accountability. International vision. Adaptability. Teamwork.

The best boards proactively strive to meet their evolving responsibilities with the active support of outside advisers who are not only are a professional expert, but also worthy of the board’s absolute trust and confidence.

Working in partnership with all types of business, companies and nonprofits, Jess serve as trusted adviser, unbiased facilitator, and  seasoned analysts to develop strategies to answer key questions about performance. Jess offers a broad range of coaching and consulting solutions to support boards and individual leaders as they work to build and strengthen their team. Jess is here to help and support you.

Is your organization facing challenges you need help with?